The symposium On Human Origins and the Future of Humanity will take place April 18/19 in the 50th year of the discovery of Lucy by Prof. Donald Johanson who will be one of a number of keynote speakers. Johanson's discovery forever changed mankind's view of ourselves. The program will delve into the origin of life itself and will highlight further and recent developments in the understanding of our genetic heritage, evaluating how mankind has evolved and what new scientific discoveries and technologies will mean for human life going forward. The program will consider where humankind is potentially headed given new scientific understanding and discoveries, that offer the abilities to extend life and human capabilities. We will look at our place as a species, in terms of time, our role in nature, in tangent with the many challenges and opportunities that lay before us, such as ecological instability, species extinction and procurement and allocation of dwindling resources.

Welcome to an exciting symposium!


Donald Johanson (celebrating 50 anniversary of discovery of Lucy)
Robert Langer (delivery of mRNA and developing vaccines)
Frances Arnold* (what is serendipity in biomolecular science?) (to be confirmed)
Morten Meldal*, 2022 Nobel laureate
Omar Yaghi (molecular manipulation in benefit for humanity)
Jack Szostak* (molecular origin of life)
Craig Venter (DNA of all life on Earth) [to be confirmed]
Svante Pääbo* (origin and migration of Homo Sapiens) [to be confirmed]
Emmanuelle Charpentier* (how we discovered CRISPR-Cas)
Jean-Marie Lehn* (inventing novel drug interaction mechanisms)
Ben Feringa* (molecular motors and artificial life)
Anja Verena Mudring (retrieving precious elements using ionic liquids)

* Nobel laureates

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