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Lectures, in chronological order:


Links to video recording provided where available.

Seventy Years of Brain Research - Looking Back and Ahead  | 

Arvid Carlsson, 2000 Nobel Prize in Phyiology or Medicine, Sweden | Homepage


How brain cells communicate and theories for short term memory  | 

Andrew Ewing, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden  | Homepage


The European BRAIN flagship project - the medicine of tomorrow  | 

Richard Frackowiak, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland  | Homepage


Visualizing the activity and anatomy of brain circuits: optogenetic sensors and tissue clearing approaches  | 

Viviana Gradinaru, California Institute of Technology, United States  | Homepage


Brain Blood Flow and Synchrony Markers of Neural Health enhanced by Strategic Reasoning Protocol  | 

Sandi Bond Chapman, University of Texas at Dallas, United States | Homepage


From yeast cells to patient neurons: a powerful discovery platform for combatting neurodegenerative diseases  | 

Susan Lindquist, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, MIT, United States | Homepage


The neuroscience of fear memory erasure  | 

Merel  Kindt, University of Amsterdam | Homepage


Consciousness as a tool for understanding  | 

Martin Ingvar | Homepage


New tools to study and engineer brain circuits 

Ed Boyden, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, United States | Homepage


Advances in chemistry and its implications for studying and treating brain disease  | 

Robert Langer, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, United States | Homepage


Molecular Inference of Wisdom  | 

Terry Sharrer | Homepage


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